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Do you want to showcase your company in the 2nd edition of the FinTech Magazine?

After the great success of the first FinTech magazine, we are more than happy to announce that the 2nd edition of the FinTech Magazine will be published in November 2017. This edition will be distributed as a supplement of Het Financieele Dagblad (55.000 readers), and also be spread digital to our entire FinTech network of 180.000+ FinTech enthusiasts. Please find enclosed the information card with additional information.


  1. The FinTech magazine is the ideal way to share your expertise, products and services with over 180.000 FinTech enthusiasts. All major stakeholders, such as FinTech entrepeneurs, Investors, Innovation leads of Banks, Advisors, Law Firms, IT companies and other FinTech experts will receive a hard-copy or online version of this groundmoving magazine.
  2. The FinTech magazine will go as a supplement of 'Het Financieele Dagblad', which is the biggest Dutch Financial newspaper reaching 55.000 readers, and will be shared with our FinTech community, CFO Community, M&A Community and Financial Management community.
  3. Several of the biggest FinTechs already got coverage in the FinTech Magazine last year in order to increase their brandawareness and to develop business.

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Read the first edition of the FinTech magazine now

On 8 December we launched the first edition of the FinTech magazine. The FinTech Magazine was published as a special supplement to het Financieele Dagblad on 8 December 2016, bringing the latest news, trends, inspiring stories and company profiles of the hottest FinTech ventures. This unique publication presents the top 50 of most influential FinTech entrepreneurs and investors. Plus the latest insights from Gartner on the industry. The magazine provides a platform for specialists that share their insights, knowledge and experience on how to build the most successful FinTech companies. Click on the image to read the entire magazine

The FinTech industry in the spotlights

Many of those involved in FinTech have asked us how we can  create more visibility and more awareness for the FinTech industry. How can we reach all stakeholders, investors and  future clients that can help the industry grow? There is an  unmistakeable need to showcase the latest developments,  products and concepts in FinTech to the broader business  community. Moreover, many finance professionals, investors  and business leaders are eager to know what is happening  in FinTech.

FinTech Magazine has a clear goal

Our editors are publishing FinTech Magazine with a clear goal in mind. With this unique publication we want to:

  1. Map the developments in the financial technology sector in Europe
  2. Give a clear overview of the markets that are impacted by FinTech.
  3. Put Europe‚Äôs most innovative FinTech companies in the spotlight
  4. Show who is setting the scene today in FinTech
  5. Share the insight and vision of financial institutions, policy makers, authorities, investors and advisors
  6. Help build an European FinTech community and ecosystem
  7. Give you the ultimate platform to share your knowledge and profile your company.

Fintech Magazine was distributed 8 december 2016 with the FD Newspaper.

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