European FinTech Awards 2016

Fintech Awards Eu LogoThe European FinTech Awards & Conference took place on Thursday 14 April, a day on which innovation in the financial sector was discussed via pitches, demos and panel discussions. 

The European FinTech Awards 2016 brought innovative start-ups, international FinTech investors, companies, experts and board members of established European financial institutions together to stimulate, upscale and accelerate innovation.

One element of the European FinTech Awards was the selection of the European FinTech 100. The 100 most innovative companies competed for the opportunity to pitch during the conference and to take home one of the much-coveted European FinTech Awards 2016. These companies have demonstrated that the financial sector can become many times more efficient, smarter and more innovative. 

At the end of the programme, the winners of the European FinTech Awards in various categories were announced. Behaviosec is the winner of the award for the Best European FinTech Company 2016. Winners in the 9 sub-categories are: Monese, Funding Circle, Ebury, Wikifolio, Everledger, Kreditech, Knip, Backbase and Behaviosec.

From left to right: Norris Koppel ​(Monese), Jelmer de Jong (Backbase), Lennart Boerner (Kreditech), Neil Costigan (Behaviosec), Dennis Just (Knip), Wim Derkinderen (Xpenditure), Andreas Kern (Wikifolio), Toby Young (Ebury), Jeroen Broekema (Funding Circle) and Leanne Kemp (Everledger)

The participants of the Opening panel discussion at the European FinTech Awards & Conference 2016 in Amsterdam were David Brear (CEO eleven FS Group), Gerrit Zalm (​CEO ABN AMRO Bank), Cristina de Villeneuve (Chief Digital Officer, BNP Paribas) and Jason Bates (Co-Founder, Mondo). This Grand Opening panel discussion is a new school vs. old school debate based on an inspiring talk by David Brear.

European FinTech 100 of 2016 as announced 14 April 2016

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