The Dutch FinTech Awards is an initiative of Alex van Groningen Group BV. Alex van Groningen BV is regarded as a leading Dutch publishing powerhouse and is used by 90% of all Dutch financial service providers, banks, IT-companies for branding and lead generation purposes. Alex van Groningen BV is also well known as the leading training institute in finance and is used by 90% of the top 1000 Dutch companies. Alex van Groningen BV. Burgemeester Haspelslaan 63, 1181 NB Amstelveen.

What we do

The Dutch FinTech Awards is here to encourage innovation in the Dutch financial services. The Dutch FinTech Awards is here for you. For you as a consumer to keep track of better financial services that are being developed, for you as a FinTech company trying to get connected to the ecosystem and for experts, for you as banker or investors to show your thought-leadership and to develop business.


Alex van Groningen BV is also the organiser of the European and African FinTech community with the European FinTech Awards & Conference and African FinTech Awards as the flagship events. Other events that FinTech Europe organises are the FinTech Expo and several smaller FinTech events. Joining the FinTech community yields you interesting connections with Europe's and Africa's most important stakeholders in its FinTech space.

Dutch Fintech Awards Logo 2017

21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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