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We are a 2014 founded fintech scale-up facilitating SME finance. With our platform we report a year over year triple digit growth with a dedicated team of eight very enthusiastic people!

Voldaan is the first true transactional driven SME financer of The Netherlands. Financing is performed solely on invoices. No Personal Guarantees; no claw back. 100% of the invoice value is immediately -same day- paid out. Clients can choose on an individual basis what invoice to sell. This freedom of choice is an innovation to the industry leaving banks and other providers in awe. We are currently testing the possibilities of registering the bought invoices using blockchain technology in order to create maximum transparency. We foresee a wide adoption of “automated single invoice trading”. Allowing not only SMEs but also multinationals to sell invoices to raise additional cash (advancing cashflow). Only making costs when there is a need of finance. Other than being very innovative Voldaan is also conservative as we are seriously considering the possibilities of applying for a voluntary banking license (opt-in). Although conservatism is not really the driver behind the opt-in. We would like to show the world we can handle the obligations and reasonability that go hand in hand with the license.

By granting clients the choice to leave at any given time amazingly enough hardly anyone does.

The management team consists of the two founders (Ad Buijs and Tim Zoete). High impact decisions are made after consultation with the other shareholders (VC and Seed) and a team of very experienced advisors whom also sit on various supervisory boards of large financial institutions. After resigning their regarded jobs at a renowned Dutch financial institution, the founders of Voldaan were mostly advised against granting clients freedom of choice. The elementary right to sell any given invoice preferred by the client and the right to stop selling whenever was heavily frowned upon. And in many cases even strongly advised against. Thank goodness for proof of concept and some founder stubbornness. Freedom of choice turned out to be buying reason number one! The proof of the pudding is in the eating but you do not want to buy the entire pudding just because of the sugar coating. By sampling (just sell one invoice and tell us whether you liked us) the adoption really hit of. Generating clients to bring on new clients even without us asking for it! We generate a triple digit growth year on year with a very limited marketing budget. We hardly lost any clients. Clients thought to have moved on suddenly pop up on the platform to sell some invoices after months of absence. Subsequently we do not ask the tedious question “why do you suddenly need cashflow stimulation?”. We just buy the invoice of them. Helping SMEs to overcome little bumps on their road to success.

Voldaan is capable of financing on an inclusivity basis. We rather include than exclude. Supported by the invoice doctrine the assessment of finance opportunities is based on parameters that differ from the standard. Regular financiers would assess the annual figures or the debtor ledger as a whole. We analyse every single invoice generating far more financing opportunities. The analysing process is highly automated to keep it cost affordable. It enables us to purchase up to ninety percent of the invoices without human interference. Our logarithm checks 120 single data points on every invoice. The beauty of it is that the user does not need to be highly automated or digitalized to qualify for our services. We have taken a hardcopy invoice as basis and started developing from there. Allowing virtually every business to work with us in raising the required additional cash. We even finance companies, banks rather do not! Banks know this and refer prospects that they cannot (completely) service themselves. Contracts are always free of charge; regardless a client’s “usages”. We only charge a fee when we actually buy an invoice. The perfect pay as you go model. Or as we like to call it “pay as you sell”. Every client pays the same; adding to the transparency we would like to bring to the financial sector. As the logarithm is adjustable we can easily tweak it for a new jurisdiction allowing us to introduce our methodology in other countries around the globe. Currently we buy invoices raised by Dutch companies addressed to German, Dutch and Belgium debtors.

We value transparency in every way. This reflects in our price structure but also in our portal. By providing funding to companies that are not sufficiently supported by high street banks we help society as a whole. As we always deliver within 24 hours -this goes for a new start contract as well as for buying an invoice- traditional financial institutions often reach out for our help when cash is urgently needed. This form of collaboration did not go unnoticed with several educational institutions leading to our enrolment in studies exploring the collaboration between traditional and new finance initiatives. Furthermore we provide active assistance to various universities and colleges. This assistance may vary from lectures to familiarize students with our philosophy as well as conducting studies to the effect of our services. We are looking into the possibilities of connecting our success to the microfinancing in other parts of the world. More to come so we say!

We have enhanced collaboration by appointing a program manager that analyses potential strategic fits and who manages the eventual partnerships. Based on a dozen checks we concluded the basis for a partner to be affiliated. This strategy resulted in quite a few deeds of cooperation. For example we work alongside two Dutch banks and one of the largest European insurers. Enhancing both the innovation and sales power of Voldaan. These partnerships stand solely next to our direct business model. Dedicated sales employees focus on business opportunities via direct routings and their own networks. Signing up multiple clients every day.

Name CEO: Tim Zoete
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Website: https://factuurvoldaan.nl/
Twitter: @factuurvoldaan
Category: Lending, Financing & Investing


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21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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