Seedrs makes it simple to buy into the businesses you believe in and share in their success.

Invest in businesses you believe in. Seedrs is the world's leading equity crowdfunding platform, making it simple for anyone - from business angels and venture capitalists, to friends and family - to become investors in ambitious, growth-focused businesses. Investors can invest as little or as much as they like, while Seedrs handles all of the legal documentation and due diligence to ensure that businesses are set up for success and investors get their fair share. Seedrs has funded over 460 deals to date and has had over £190 million invested on the platform. All investments made through Seedrs offer voting shares to investors and use professional-grade subscription agreements. This ensures that investors get the same level of protection that angel investors and venture capitalists enjoy. At the same time, businesses don't need to worry about having hundreds - if not thousands - of individual direct shareholders on their cap table because Seedrs acts as the nominee single shareholder on behalf of all investors.

Name CEO: Jeff Lynn
Company founded in: 2009
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @Seedrs
Category: Lending, Financing & Investing


Dutch Fintech Awards Logo 2017

21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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