Quasar, the Quantoz Digital Cash Solution provides the infrastructure for instant payment and transaction settlement between enterprises, people and the Internet of Things.

The near future will bring an influx of smart devices connected to the Internet. The amount of transactions between consumers and devices, and even more important between devices will grow exponentially. This will create a need for (instant) financial settlement of transactions on a much larger scale than the current payment market handles. Building on our core blockchain knowledge, proprietary and open-source technology we are working on Quasar, to provide the infrastructure for payment settlement in the Internet of Things (IoT) and for transactions where immediate, global and/ or irreversible settlement is desirable, like the `information goods and services industries. We believe that the IoT will allow for more effective business models, such as 'pay-per-use' and that the application of Quasar has enormous potential. Quasar includes a connector between the traditional bank account and a electronic wallet, bringing economy into the "Internet of Things", meanwhile the different types of wallets ensure regulatory compliance without compromising user privacy.

Name CEO: Gaston Hendriks
Company founded in: 2013
Country: Netherlands
Website: www.quantoz.com
Twitter: @quantoz
Category: Blockchain & Bitcoin


Dutch Fintech Awards Logo 2017

21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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