Worlds first complete financial dashboard for consumers

The private owned company FinBase BV developed the first independent fully integrated personal financial planning platform called MijnGeldzaken.nl. The platform gives consumers all tools to get a clear view in their current and future financial situation on a household level. It shows their financial health with traffic lights, graphs, text and a mark. Users create a first financial plan using their DigiD in only 5 minutes. Data connection is available with the Dutch Tax Authority and 'Mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl'. The platform combines personal financial management, financial planning and financial advice. This makes it unique in it's kind. A growing network of over 50 independent financial planners is connected to the platform. When requested by consumer, the financial planner provides cross channel advice. Advisors can access the data with professional planning software. We believe that:

  • Consumers deserve the best tools to independently plan their finances and evaluate given advice
  • Professional independent advice should remain affordable for everyone
  • Easy access to independent advice is cross channel
  • Consumers should own their financial data

  • Some unique features of the platform:
  • Fast insight due to automatic data import Tax Authority and Pension Authority
  • Insight in past spending with personal financial management tools
  • Insight in the financial future through infographics, graphs and tips
  • Alerts by traffic lights
  • Sandboxing to simulate what-if scenarios, f.i. buying a new house, work less hours, take an insurance etc.
  • All risk scenarios can be displayed like disability and death
  • Solutions are shown when problems occur
  • Easy access to online financial planners through video chat solution
  • Name CEO: Rick Wassenaar
    Company founded in: 2013
    Country: Netherlands
    Website: www.MijnGeldzaken.nl
    Twitter: @mijngeldzaken
    Category: Innovative Banking


    Dutch Fintech Awards Logo 2017

    21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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