Liability driven investment software taken to the next level.

MatchingLink offers a unique software platform for institutional asset managers. We deliver a solution for complex Fixed income and Liability calculations. MatchingLink realizes razor sharp attribution and exposure calculation to the key portfolio performance drivers. MatchingLink transforms the complex process of data gathering, result and exposure calculation, analysis and the resulting transaction decision into a clear workflow with the relevant compliance and risk checks. The analysis and transaction proposal can be presented in a client dashboard, and clients can approve the transaction in their own digital environment. MatchingLink offers a complete suite of tools for integrated analysis of interest rate, credit, currency and inflation impact. Information can be accessed and presented across platforms, in the cloud and via mobile devices with optimum security. Our modular setup and easy connectivity with data sources enables clients to swiftly implement our software, within their own infrastructure or in a secure cloud environment.

Name CEO: Joris Heijting
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Category: Lending, Financing & Investing


Dutch Fintech Awards Logo 2017

21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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