Instantor AB

Instantor provides a banking API that enables customer verification and identification in an instant. Know your customer

What can your bank account tell you about yourself? Are you a parent? Retired? Coffee addict? Global traveler? Stockbroker? Gambler? Philanthropist? All the above Instantor can identify. Instantor provides the new generation of banking API that enables clients to generate information and knowledge about their customers in matter of seconds. The solution produces requested data from a customer through their authorization to retrieve sought information from their account. In other words, an innovative way for customers to verify and prove their financial status as well as identifying themselves in an instant. By 2017, Instantor will be integrated with over 200 banks throughout 19 countries in Europe and South America. Today the company provides their service to over 100 financial institutions worldwide and has a proven and documented track-record of contributing clients with tangible business improvements. Improvements such as fraud and risk reduction, and first-hand market insight. Through Instantor you enable your company’s ability to increase conversion – simply by getting to know your customer.

Name CEO: Simon Edström
Company founded in: 2010
Country: Sweden
Category: Innovative Banking


Dutch Fintech Awards Logo 2017

21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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