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ReadID verifies identity documents with NFC on a smartphone

Verifying someone’s identity is essential to prevent identity fraud and to enable trustworthy digital services. ReadID allows you to verify identities in a smart and simple way using our new mobile identity verification technology. ReadID leverages what people already have: government issued identity documents with contactless RFID chips and NFC capable smartphones. A primary use case for ReadID is mobile consumer onboarding for a new bank account. Other use cases include step-up authentication and password reset. Passports and increasingly also identity cards have a contactless RFID chip that contains digitally signed information on the holder, including name, birthdate and a high-resolution face image suitable for facial matching. ReadID reads this chip using the NFC capabilities of smartphones and verifies the content. Compared to existing online technologies for identity verification ReadID is more secure, does not make mistakes in, e.g., Optical Character Recognition and provides a better customer experience. ReadID provides APIs that make it easy to embed ReadID in the apps of our customers, allowing our customers to keep control of the customer journey they want to provide.

Name CEO: Maarten Wegdam
Company founded in: 2013
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: ‎@ReadIDSoftware
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


Dutch Fintech Awards Logo 2017

21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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