- Smart borrowing, smart investing #ShareYourAmbition crowdfunding was founded in 2011 with an ambitious idea:

Offer a sustainable alternative for the outdated banking system and secure a better deal for small and medium businesses and investors. With more than a thousand loans facilitated, we have helped businesses expand, investors prosper and the economy grow. is the largest crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands. More than € 104 million has been funded for around 1,150 businesses and individuals by more than 10,000 investors. We raised money for small and medium businesses in various branches such as industry, transport and investment properties, but also fashion and food. The most common lending purposes are growth financing, refinancing and seed money. The value of an individual loan varies from relatively small amounts (€ 15,000) up to approximately € 1,000,000. Our succesrate is 97%.

We cooperate intensively with financial market regulators, financial intermediaries, accountants and industry associations. They believe in our mission to build a better financial world for businesses, investors and growth. We operate under an extensive AFM license and to protect our investors we recently enabled additional notarial securities. 


Innovation was the first crowdfunding platform (for SME and individuals) in the Netherlands with ongoing innovation from the start. In that respect has been the pioneer to create societal relevance of crowdfunding in the Dutch society. A great example of this is the fact that featured in the national highschool (HAVO) exam in 2016, with questions comparing with a traditional bank. Imagine, all these thousands of students going through this exercise! We have implemented internal as well as external credit rating scores. We were the first to work with local risk managers through out the country in order to not just rely on automated screening but on “hands-on”screening as well. We have introduced a diversified loan portfolio with 4 different types of loans. We monitor the funded companies and provide additional services through third parties with an “advies –en begeleidingspakket” and additional assistance when a company performs below expectations.

With over 1,150 funded enterprises we are by far the most experienced crowdfundingplatform. With over 146,000 individual investments we are able to handle more than 40,000 individual payments per week. All payments are transferred through the “derdengelden rekening” of our foundation “Stichting Klantengelden”. We always look for ways to securitize loans, in which case the securitisation is administrated through our “Stichting Zekerheden”.

Value and customer satisfaction
Considering the fact that in the last few years we arranged funding of more than € 104 million, we may conclude that we fulfill a real need in the society. Numerous companies received funding through our platfom and we estimate that we have created employment opportunities for 5,000-10,000 people.

Traction and delivery
We attract our customers mainly through our internet platform and more than 700 connected intermediaries, but also through various partnerships with branche-organisations and other stakeholders.

ESG is a sustainable crowdfunding platform, evironmentally friendy and socially driven. We occasionally offer a donation type of crowdfunding proposition for a good cause. Our small headoffice is totally climate neutral and our employees mainly work from their home offices, which reduces commuting time en miles. We continuously work on development of a standard for responsible crowdfunding, in strong coordination and alliance with financial authorities such as AFM and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Name CEO: Edwin Adams
Company founded in: 2011
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @geldvoorelkaar
Category: Lending, Financing & Investing


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21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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