Business solutions that work - delivered with speed, focus and creativity


7 years!

2 founders to a team of 27!

15 clients!

25 running projects!


Have all got us to this point. And while our growth has been fast and frantic, our fundamentals have remained consistent.


Based on a strong combination of people, methodology and innovative technologies we approach our clients and their challenges with four principles:

  1. What’s the real problem – using the business acumen of our team to quickly zoom into the core business challenge and vision of a solution before opening the IT tool box.
  2. Build it fast and build to last? – We do not see this as a trade-off of speed versus longevity. Our solutions are built using a modular approach that enables clients to tweak and improve over time, without having to re-design the whole landscape.
  3. Size doesn’t matter – serve a 4-man currency trader with the same rigour and quality as a 40.000 strong global bank.
  4. Our client’s customer is our king – Enable our clients to serve their customer needs quickly and beat their competition through innovative business where IT is the enabler rather than the innovation itself.


Delighted to be nominated for this award….determined to deliver solutions that work!


Name CEO: Marlies van Sonsbeek
Company founded in: 2010
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @Finaps_
Category: Innovative Banking


Dutch Fintech Awards Logo 2017

21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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