Breakthrough security

It is hard to keep track of your online assets. You are exposed to security breaches, data leaks and other reputation-affecting hacks. Do not become next week’s news story.

84% of US Enterprises have been targeted by a spearphishing campaign. The average damage of a spearphishing campaign is $1.6 million US Dollars.

Keep track of online assets exposure:

  • Asset Discovery: Know which websites are yours
  • Asset Exploration: Perform advanced security analysis, prioritize remedial actions by the provided security rating
  • Receive compliancy reports according to your industry’s standards
Attack the attackers:
  • Know which phishing websites are targeting your organization
  • Protect your organization against new phishing websites
  • Take down new phishing websites before they become active
Why Cybersprint?
  • Cybersprint finds 20% more phishing websites than competitors.
  • Cybersprint shows customers the abyss of misconfiguration leading to reputational loss
  • Cybersprint delivers to large financial institutions and government agencies in NL and is looking to expand further into Europe in 2017
  • Cybersprint's biggest challenge is staying on top of the ever changing cybersecurity risk. It is our core activity to translate these cybersecurity risks into actionable data for our customers.
  • Cybersprint is the first European Digital Risk Monitoring provider and has been benchmarked against market leaders

If you do not know what you have online, how can you be secure?
Become one Cybersprint ahead!

Name CEO: Pieter Jansen
Company founded in: 2015
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @Cybersprintnl
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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