Collin Crowdfund

Collin Crowdfund helps entrepreneurs realize their ambitions through serious investors.

Founded in 2014, Collin Crowdfund has become market leader of the Dutch lending based crowdfunding market (based on the volumes of 2016 & 2017). With a combination of a state of the art IT-system and the expertise of Crowdfund Coaches, Collin Crowdfund offers fair investment opportunities (linear loans, maximum € 2.5 million) in Dutch SME’s to its investors.

Innovation (Power to change industry? Is the company able to show relevant innovation in the last two years?) Collin Crowdfund has developed its own state of the art IT platform with Mendix technology. For instance all investors have their own online checking account. Collin was the first crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands to provide transparent insights into our loan portfolio. These insights are provided on a monthly basis and remain visible for all online visitors indefinitely. Collin introduced a third party trust account handling all customer transactions. This third party trust account is managed by a separate foundation called ‘Stichting Collin Crowdfund’, thereby ensuring continuity of all issued loans and their underlying investments. In addition Collin introduced a second foundation called ‘Stichting Zekerhedenagent Collin Crowdfund’ which manages all securities in name of the investors.

Customer Satisfaction (Does it satisfy a real need?) We have a fast growing number of investors (almost 10.000 in total). Besides funding, Collin provides the entrepreneurs with ambassadors, publicity and brand awareness. Collin provides this through an extensive social media strategy and media exposure via external PR-companies who make sure the entrepreneurs get sufficient publicity in the press. Collin does a lot to promote not taking unnecessary risks under its investors. This results in a high amount of investments per investor. Some have participated in over 200 crowdfunding projects. The average investor has participated in 9,5 investments.

Value (Do they have a unique value proposition?) Collin introduced regional Crowdfund Coaches that always visit the entrepreneurs at their company to start the credit rating process. Collin is the first crowdfunding platform to have a 3 step rating process for the loan applications (Crowdfund Coach – Risk Coach – Green Light Commission). Because of the thorough risk analyses 100% of the loan applications that have been published on the platform are successfully funded. Furthermore Collin monitors the entrepreneurs throughout the entire process. Investors receive yearly updates about the wellbeing of the company concerned. If needed, Collin can organise a revision of the loan, with a majority of the investors votes. Collin also closed partnerships with 3 major banks in the Netherlands with the goal of co-financing loans. Collin owns and operates a second platform: Knab Crowdfunding Powered by Collin. Knab Crowdfunding focuses on entrepreneurs with a financing need from €50.000,- to €1 million. The platform is run by Collin; Collin rates the loan applications and Collin administers and manages the loans.

Delivery (how is it made available to the market?) Collin Crowdfund is the only Dutch crowdfunding platform that created an mobile app for its investors. Investors receive a push notification whenever a new project has been published. Investors can easily invest money in the project using the free app. Collin operates with a fixed publication time of the projects: at exactly 11.00 AM in the morning. Our investors know that 11.00 AM is ‘Collin Time’. Our state of the art website can process hundreds of transactions per minute. Collin also has a separate portal for intermediaries and Collin’s Crowdfund Coaches.

Traction (Signing up new customers?) Collin Crowdfund has partnerships with numerous partners in credit rating, accounting, legal advice, press, IT enterprises and more. These companies refer their clients to Collin on a regular basis. Collin Crowdfund is the only Dutch crowdfunding platform that has partnerships with two of the largest industry associations in the Netherlands: LTO Ledenvoordeel and Koninklijke Metaalunie. These associations refer their clients to Collin Crowdfund if their financing needs meet our standards. In total we have a large network of tens of thousands of professionals.

Composition management team (How does the management team look like?) The board of directors combined have about 90 years of management experience in banking and accounting. Most of the other Collin employees are young, fresh and innovative. This combination works like a charm.

Environmental, Social And Governance (ESG) test. (What value brings the FinTech to ESG aspects?) Environmental: Collin introduced digitally signing of contracts, reducing its ecological footprint. Social: Collin took the lead in the industry association ‘Crowdfunding Nederland’ to establish uniformed regulations. This helps boosting the self-regulation of the Dutch crowdfunding market to a higher level, which is required by the regulator (Authority of Financial Markets). Governance: Collin Crowdfund is the only Dutch crowdfunding platform that was successfully audited by three major Dutch banks: Knab, ABN AMRO and Rabobank.

Name CEO: Jeroen ter Huurne
Company founded in: 2014
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @CollinCrowdfund
Category: Lending, Financing & Investing


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21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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