AET Europe

AET Europe is a global leader in the area of digital security solutions.

AET Europe is a global leader in the area of digital security solutions. We are specialised in creating secure solutions in identification, strong authentication, digital signing, consent and management of credentials.

We believe that in this digital world, security, privacy, and integrity are essential. To make this possible, we have developed strong solutions by using military grade technology. Because we also believe usability is important we establish security at the core.

Our latest innovation
With ConsentID, insurance companies and customers can securely access their own insurance records in the cloud. Financial authorities like banks and pension funds can digital sign documents or offer a new type of services to customers for e.g. digital applying for loans, mortgages or insurances.

ConsentID is based on digital certificates technology, providing trust and credibility to digital transactions. It performs (financial) transactions with absolute security in an easy way. Assuring a trusted identity by providing strong authentication and secure access to customers, employees and (financial) organisations. ConsentID can be used on any device: mobile, tablet or desktop and different operating systems. Watch our video on ConsentID to get a impression of this solution.

Name CEO: Reinoud Weijman - Jan Rochat (CTO)
Company founded in: 1998
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @AETEurope
Category: Risk, Intelligence & Security


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21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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