AcceptEmail generates a simple yet visually compelling customer engagement payment request while also driving down costs and significantly reducing payment times.

Companies issuing large numbers of bills can now confidently leverage traditional messaging channels to simplify bill delivery and facilitate fast, frictionless payment by their customers. And, while other solutions exist for bill delivery and payment by email and text, AcceptEmail’s cloud-based platform has cracked the code for driving significantly higher payment conversion rates and improving customer engagement without the need for IT integration resources, modifications to billing systems and even payment portal modifications. In fact, over 600 billers representing a wide spectrum of business sectors have deployed AcceptEmail. AcceptEmail is the easiest way to receive and pay household bills and reminders via mobile, tablet or PC. Consumers receive bills via email or text, rather than on paper or via a self-service portal. Bills are paid directly from the inbox, using online/mobile payment methods. No manual data entry is needed, nor registration or log-in. Customers experience more convenience, fewer steps and real-time status updates in the original email. Billers reduce billing costs and enjoy quicker paying customers. AcceptEmail simplifies and disrupts bill payments. It fills the digital gap for billers that want more customers to go paperless.

Name CEO: Peter Kwakernaak
Company founded in: 2007
Country: Netherlands
Twitter: @AcceptEmail
Category: Payments & Transfers


Dutch Fintech Awards Logo 2017

21 April 2017 - Rabobank Utrecht


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